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How to de-risk working with independent consultants

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In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, you will learn about the risks and opportunities of working with freelance consultants.You will also gain knowledge on when to work with traditional consultancies and when to work with freelance consultants.

Christoph Hardt

Dr. Christoph Hardt is Co-Founder and Managing Director of COMATCH. Prior to this, he worked for McKinsey & Company for more than seven years.

Working successfully with independent consultants

In this webinar, COMATCH’s founder and ex-McKinsey consultant, Dr. Christoph Hardt shares valuable insights on:


  • Megatrends accelerating the need for freelance consulting marketplaces. 
  • Key considerations that should be taken into account when hiring an independent consultant. 
  • Risks associated with hiring independent consultants and how consulting marketplaces can help mitigate these risks. 
  • Benefits of working with independent consultants, including greater project control for companies and competitive daily rates. 
  • Best practices for working with freelance consultants. 


Overall, the webinar not only gives you a better understanding of how freelance consulting marketplaces work, but will prepare you to start your consulting project off on the right foot.

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