Assess your working style with StyleMatch

The success of a consulting project relies on more than just hard factors, professional expertise, and the work experience of a professional. Softer factors like personal working styles are equally important.

This is why COMATCH offers its network of over 15,000 independent management consultants and industry experts StyleMatch, a sophisticated assessment that determines your working style. Click the link below to take the assessment.

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Ensure better results with StyleMatch

Soft factors, like working style, play an important role in the success of a project. Together with CatchTalents, COMATCH developed StyleMatch, a work-psychology model tailored to the consulting environment. It assesses the personal preferences of a consultant in a professional context. Using this data, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible consultant match by allowing them to indicate their preferred consultant working style in the project briefing.

COMATCH is Europe’s leading consulting marketplace with a network of 15,000 independent management consultants and industry experts that provide project and interim support on a freelance basis. Candidate proposals are free of charge and provided within 48hrs.

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