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The long undisclosed topic of daily rates in consulting often leads too many companies to overpay their consultants. COMATCH is the leading online marketplace for top independent management consultants and industry experts in Europe. Our network of 12,500 hand-picked profiles provides valuable insights into consultant prices. Use our pricing tool to find out how much you’ll need to pay for top consultants based on their industry and functional expertise.

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COMATCH provides valuable insights into consultant prices

How much top independent management consultants and industry experts charge is often a well-kept secret. Lacking transparency about consultant daily rates makes planning and budgeting challenging. Finding details about consulting fees online remains difficult for the same reason.
This is where COMATCH can help: We have data on consultant fees based on our network of over 14,000 hand-selected profiles. Use our pricing tool below to get insights about typical consulting daily rates. You can even search for consultant fees for specific industries or functional expertise.

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