Your trusted freelancers have never been closer

Introducing FlexPool, an external workforce management tool that allows you to easily staff projects thanks to a database of all of your preferred independent consultants and experts. The pool stays up to date so you can select the best fitting consultant based on their daily rate, expertise, and availability with the click of a button.

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FlexPool is the easiest way to manage your freelance consultants

Efficient Management

FlexPool is always up-to-date giving you an accurate overview of an independent consultant's CV, daily rate, availability, and past performance

Quick Turnaround

Standardize and automate your hiring process so you can staff your projects with pre-qualified independent consultants in a matter of hours

Compliant Setup

Store information about your freelancers in a GDPR-compliant way and, if needed, let COMATCH hire them on a temporary basis

FlexPool's features will optimize your freelancer management

Manage your freelancers efficiently


  • In-depth independent consultant profile: we provide you with up-to-date information, e.g. recent experience
  • Tagging: simplify your search by categorizing your freelancers with custom tags
  • Project evaluation: document the performance of your consultants based on a 5-star rating

Connect with independent consultants who can start quickly


  • Availability information: get a quick overview of your chosen freelancer’s availability
  • Project quick start: hire your favorite consultants with two clicks
  • Comprehensive onboarding: onboard your consultants specific to your needs

Store personal data in a compliant setup


  • Quality gating: you define who can be a part of your talent pool so you can ensure that you only staff projects with top talent
  • Freelancer opt-in: consultants need to opt in for their data to be stored in FlexPool making it 100% GDPR-compliant

FlexPool combines your freelance pool with the COMATCH network


  • You choose who enters your FlexPool – enabling you to be ready for ad-hoc client requests with your most trusted freelancers
  • It is fully serviced by your account manager, which means we’ll keep all information up to date and can propose new candidates that fit your project needs

FlexPool offers unmatched advantages

FlexPool Other Talent
Traditional Staffing
Manual Solution
(e.g. LinkedIn, Excel)
Up-to-date Consultant CV
Convenient Pool Search
Consultant Performance Rating
Quick Project Start
Consultant Availability Info
Ongoing New Consultants Suggestions

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