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We are thrilled to announce that the Financial Times and Statista have named COMATCH a Leading Consultant Network in the UK in their annual rating of UK management consultancies. We are delighted that platform businesses are now recognized in this category, this is a testament to the excellent service offered by COMATCH and the high quality of both our consultant network and clients.

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UK’s Leading Management Consultancies 2023

The UK has a huge consulting market, so it can be a challenge to navigate the field and find the right talent for your projects. For the sixth year, the Financial Times has joined forces with Statista to execute a rigorous evaluation process, surveying the recommendations of both consultants and clients to accurately reveal the leading consultancies in the UK.


Who awards the prize?

The UK’s Leading Management Consultancies survey is a joint project between the Financial Times and Statista. The survey is conducted and sponsored by the Financial Times, an international business news publication recognized globally for its integrity and accuracy. The responses collected are aggregated and analyzed by Statista, an online business data platform, in order to return quality data.

What categories are there?

The survey encompasses 15 sectors and 14 different types of work. This ranges from more traditional industries such as Financial Institutions & Services to new, rapidly developing categories such as Data Analytics & Big Data. Consulting networks were added to the survey for the first time in 2022.

How was the survey conducted?

The recommendations of both clients and consultants were taken into consideration, and in 2023 a new open client survey phase was added to the process to increase the representation of clients’ opinions.

The first step involved the creation of a long list based on records from previous years as well as research conducted on firms’ websites, company databases, and consulting directories. This list formed the basis for the peer survey, in which consultants were asked to evaluate consultancies in the fields they are familiar with. Consultants either received an invitation to take part or could register for a Financial Times link to the survey.

The next phase of the selection process involved an open client survey, where clients who had used consultancy services were asked to recommend quality consultancies that they had worked with in the past 4 years. Clients could register themselves at a Financial Times link or receive a link directly from consultancies.

Finally, an anonymous client survey was conducted. These clients were 1000 UK-based senior executives selected through online access panels that had used consultancy services in the past 4 years. They were asked to anonymously evaluate familiar consultancies in their fields of expertise.

How were the responses analyzed and scored?

Responses were analyzed according to sector and consulting service producing independent results for each category. A total score for each consultancy was calculated based on the peer score (a combination of the results of the peer survey from 2022 and 2023) and a client score (a combination of the results of 2023 client evaluations through both the open and anonymous surveys and the 2022 client survey). Gold, silver, and bronze ratings were then calculated based on the total score of a consultancy relative to the scores of other consultancies within their category.

What do COMATCH’s results mean?

Following this comprehensive collection of recommendations and ratings for thousands of consultancies, the recognition of COMATCH as a leading consultant network in the UK shows the high esteem in which the company is held by UK clients and consultants. We are delighted by our success in the survey and would like to thank our dedicated colleagues at COMATCH, our skilled consultant community, and our valued clients, who have trusted us to create fruitful project partnerships for their companies.

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A thank you from our founders

We are honored to have been named a leading consulting network in the UK. Our performance in this survey shows the positive experience clients and consultants have when they work with COMATCH. We look forward to growing and continuing to build strong relationships in the UK market.

Dr. Christoph Hardt

COMATCH Co-Founder and Managing Director

We are excited that COMATCH has been recognized as a Leading Consulting Network in the UK. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationships in the UK as well as rethinking the future of work.

Dr. Jan Schächtele

COMATCH Co-Founder and Managing Director

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