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Top sales consultant projects by industry

Automotive & Industrial Goods

  • Sales organization restructuring
  • Sales incentivization project
  • After sales optimization

Consumer Goods & Trade

  • Retail network expansion
  • Routes to market assessment
  • Sales approach development

Energy & Materials

  • Reorganization of sales organization
  • Global B2B salesforce training
  • ‘Next-Generation Sales’ concept

Financial Services

  • Sales partner model
  • New field service program management
  • Digital wealth management platform

Healthcare & Chemicals

  • Best practice assessment
  • New product launch
  • CRM rollout support

High Tech & IT

  • Sales transformation program support
  • SaaS sales model development
  • ‘Commercial Excellence’ for IT company

Why our clients choose to work with independent consultants

We are committed to finding you the right sales consultant

Vetted consultants

Our clients value our extensive candidate selection process. We make sure that we understand your project needs and will provide you with the best sales consultants from our network.

Fast turnaround

Your personal account manager is available to provide you with the best sales consulting profiles and can arrange interviews with your favorite candidates in 48 hours or less.

Flexible projects

Our clients request a wide variety of services. From 1-day workshops to long transformation projects, we will always find the best candidate for your engagement.

Tell us about your dream candidate

    Why hire a sales consultant?

    A strong, customer-focused sales team is essential to drive growth and unlock maximum value. Our network of experienced sales team management experts will assess your current setup and work closely with you to make holistic, lasting changes to your sales department. Take the guesswork out of finding the right sales consulting expert. Let COMATCH connect you with a sales expert who will transform your organization.

    Our sales experts will:

    • Add clarity to your business

    Often, businesses fail to reach their potential due to a lack of cohesion. While each individual has their own role to play, it’s vital that they understand what they bring to the larger picture. When employees understand how their role impacts the overall success of the organization, getting them on board with the vision of the company becomes a whole lot easier.

    Our sales consulting experts will help you identify and rectify any disconnect in your organization to get everyone pulling in the same direction.

    • Identify the best sales techniques for your organization

    Interconnectivity has empowered consumers. No longer will they come to you. You must meet them in their space. Sales techniques define the way you connect with existing and potential customers. If you’re using the wrong techniques, you’re stacking the odds against your own sales team.

    Identifying the sales techniques that resonate with your audience is the first step to empowering your people, increasing conversion rates, and boosting ROI. This might mean unearthing new communications channels, shifting selling strategies, or re-evaluating customer preferences.

    • Ensure a return on your investment in sales

    As a sales manager, it’s crucial that you have firm control of your team while allowing your team sufficient autonomy to do what they do best – sell. This can only be achieved with a structured sales management process, transparency, and high-quality data.

    Clear data paints a comprehensive, holistic picture of the performance of your team which leads to data-driven decision-making that optimizes sales spending and streamlines your sales process.

    With the right sales consulting expert by your side, you will see value from day one.

    • Define a sales management process

    A structured sales management process will boost the effectiveness of your sales team. It is customer-centric and laser-focused on activities that add value. It provides people with the tools to perform at maximum capacity and helps identify areas for improvement. In turn, this allows you to tailor coaching and development to their needs and those of the business.

    Ongoing training and development of sales consultants drive revenue, conversions, and profits. And high-performing employees are happy employees – which is great for retention, further growth, and future planning.

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