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COMATCH is the leading online marketplace for pricing strategy consultants. Actively improve the pricing performance using standard and advanced pricing techniques.

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The leading marketplace for pricing strategy consultants

Our pricing strategy consultants are dedicated to helping you create a new model for your subscription service which is market demand tested identifying target groups. Our pricing strategy experts will:

  • Identify the critical steps you can take to boost your pricing power
  • Analyze the commission structures across various sales channels
  • Link pricing strategy with product portfolio management

Take the guesswork out of finding the best subscription pricing expert and let COMATCH connect you with the right project partner to perform price simulations by applying statistical models and determine the potential impact of pricing strategies on profitability.

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    We are committed to finding you the right pricing strategy consultant

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    Our clients value our extensive candidate selection process. We make sure that we understand your project needs and will provide you with the best subscription model pricing consultant from our network.

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    Your personal account manager is available to provide you with the best pricing strategy profiles and can arrange interviews with your favorite candidates in 48 hours or less.

    Flexible projects

    Our clients request a wide variety of services. From 1-day workshops to long transformation projects, we will always find the best candidate for your engagement.


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