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Dynamic Pricing

Implement a flexible pricing plan based on changing market demands.

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Pricing Strategy

Come up with the best pricing model for your product or service.

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Subscription Model Pricing

Find a competitive subscription model pricing structure to balance value and revenue.

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Conduct market research to determine the right pricing model for your product or service.

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B2B Pricing

Set prices for products or services targeting other businesses.

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Spare Parts Pricing

Set prices for the spare parts that customers need to maintain operations.

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    A consultant for all your pricing needs

    As an organization, your pricing is linked to your strategic positioning. It determines how you’re being perceived in the market and can also frustrate your customers if it’s not fair or consistent. 

    Hiring a pricing consultant can help you:

    • Holistically optimize the monetization approach of your business: from strategy and organization to implementation and processes
    • Guide you in improving the bottom line which is a more effective and less painful lever compared to cost optimization because there are almost always low-hanging fruits e.g. introducing an annual price increase tied to inflation or resource costs
    • Take your organization on a journey to being a pricing champion

    It might be time to hire a pricing consultant if you’re lacking: 

    • Executive support for pricing topics or the role (e.g. leader vs. follower) and positioning (e.g. discount vs. premium) of your pricing relative to competitors is unclear
    •  Alignment with your corporate strategy. 
    • A systematic approach to pricing and don’t know how to define prices. If you are doing things based on just a gut feeling then you can’t react to short-term events and you don’t know how to skim the willingness to pay of different customer segments
    • Transparency over all stages of your price waterfall (from the list to net price)

    Unfortunately, there is no one-fits-all solution for successful pricing. Some things that work well in one segment, may destroy value in others. This is because competition or consumer behavior follows a different logic or simply changes over time.

    As a consequence, pricing has to be part of strategic management. It’s key to focus on how the market will look in the future. This includes products and substitutes that already exist or may appear going forward. Things are changing much faster than 10-15 years ago.

    A prerequisite for good pricing is the smart usage of data. Although it exists in all organizations, it is often not properly used for pricing decisions. The pricing team is responsible for regular number crunching to identify leakages and monetization potentials.

    The rise of data-based decision-making also means the rise of ​​pricing. Pricing will no longer be a “nice to have”, it will become a key priority. This includes non-global organizations with a rather small portfolio and straightforward channel mix.

    Artificial intelligence and smart decision-support tools will help pricing professionals to manage the smallest customer segments and even create micro-segmentation. This may result in creating dedicated offers or promotions to a small group of people, combined with tailored smart up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

    This will eventually enhance the customer experience and build brand.

    And to get all of this started, you need an experienced pricing consultant who can help your organization capture the value of your products and win/retain customers. 

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