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Gap Analysis

Assess your organizational structure and identify development points.

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Change Communications

Forward transformation and change with the aid of an organizational design consultant.

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Structure Assessment

Evaluate and improve the structure and efficiency of your organization.

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Operating Model Development

Create a workflow model explaining how your organization will operate after a restructuring.

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Structure Implementation

Plan and successfully transition to a new organizational structure.

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Agile Organizational Model

Adopt a more flexible, fast-moving organizational model based on agile principles.

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    Top organizational design projects by industry

    • Organizational Excellence assessment
    • SG&A rationalization
    • Optimization of aftermarket organization
    • Process-oriented organizational design
    • New governance structure
    • Target operating model development
    • Security organization setup for critical infrastructure
    • Carve-out of service organization
    • Reorganization of upstream sector
    • Process engineering for risk department
    • ‘Insurance 2025’ organizational design
    • Global HR target operating model
    • Organizational design of IT department
    • Organizational transformation of production site
    • Digital marketing operating model
    • Re-organization of enterprise sales
    • Performance review processes
    • “Ways of working” development in scale-up
    • Re-design of decision-making processes
    • Central editorial office setup
    • Job rotation implementation
    • Strategic outsourcing model
    • New work measure development
    • Shared service center model

    Hire an organizational design consultant

    Organizational design starts with addressing human behavior. Are employees driven by a strong culture? Do people embrace new ways of working? Are they set up in a way that encourages performance?

    In a rapidly shifting work environment, organizations are continually seeking to improve processes and productivity. Before embarking on a redesign journey, you need an organizational design consulting expert to assess your needs and ensure that your redesign strategy is fiscally and operationally feasible.

    An organization design process should always account for the following:

    1. Does your design strategy align with your key business goals?
    2. What will your organization look like in the future and is this new business model design forward-looking?
    3. Will a redesigned organization drive growth and strengthen long-term performance?

    Take the guesswork out of finding the right expert to answer these questions and let COMATCH connect you with vetted organizational design consultants to lead your company in the right direction.

    COMATCH can connect you with a large network of organizational design consultants to help you rethink processes, people, technology, and systems to empower your company and the people that fuel it. 

    The most successful organizational designs are built in close collaboration with key employees and tested under real-life scenarios to ensure that the design will actually be implementable. 

    In order to find the best setup for your company, an organizational design consultant will:

    • Develop a vision and end-goal for the design. This often involves defining a roadmap and targets that will help lead the organization through the implementation phase. 
    • Conduct an analysis to understand the current state of the organization. This will help the consultant understand the challenges that need to be addressed and the frameworks that make the most sense for the company. 
    • Collects feedback on the design from the client until they’ve built a design that best fits the organization. 
    • Kicks off the transformation phase, leading the organization to its future state. During this final step, the consultant also ensures that the culture and values of the organization stay intact. 

    Using this collective, feedback-driven approach, a top organizational design consultant can help your team evaluate different frameworks, make critical decisions, and ultimately align on a format that will drive performance and engagement throughout the organization.

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