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Improve Infrastructure Security

Our IT project managers can steer international projects with your managers and technical personnel to enhance infrastructure security within your network structure and to fulfill regulations.

Service Catalogue

Build a running service catalogue with an agreed structure, design, content, and quality delivered to different audiences through a Commercial, Business, and Technical catalogue.

System Upgrade

Our IT project managers can help you upgrade your systems and roll-out new technology and coordinate technical resources to enhance ecosystem efficiency in your organization.

Data Center Systemization

Work with an IT project manager to analyze existing processes and develop and implement new processes. They will also help you label and register all equipment in data centers.

IT Training

Organizational efficiency is not enhanced only with technology but also thorough adoption of new processes. Our IT project managers will help train your staff and provide detailed work instructions.

IT Development

An IT project manager will help you align your IT-development process in an agile way and streamline product development in your organization by prioritizing backlog with high value items.

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COMATCH quickly sent us a selection of strategy and organization consultant profiles perfectly suited to our project needs. The support they provided for managing feedback, time tracking, and invoicing made the process very simple. Therefore, COMATCH has become a trusted partner for us, and a credible alternative to traditional consulting firms.

Jean Thomazo

Corporate Organization Development Director, L'Oréal

COMATCH offered timely and clear communication. The execution of the whole process was very structured and included the support we needed for our project.

Hermann Wöbse

Head of Customer Development Operations DACH, Unilever

The process was very quick. COMATCH gave us a great selection of top quality profiles which were well suited to our needs.

Diedrich Bremer

Division Manager, Otto Group

COMATCH did a great job supporting us with a specific market expert who brought operational market knowledge and experience to our project team.

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Vetted consultants

Our clients value our extensive candidate selection process. We make sure that we understand your project needs and will provide you with the best IT project management candidates from our network.

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Your personal account manager is available to provide you with the best IT project management profiles and can arrange interviews with your favorite candidates in 48 hours or less.

Flexible projects

Our clients request a wide variety of services. From 1-day workshops to long transformation projects, we will always find the best candidate for your engagement.

The leading marketplace for IT project management consultants

IT has become more than just a supporting function. Organizations should leverage the power of information technology to promote efficiency and digitization. With our network of IT strategy experts, we can help you implement a project management process that works.


What is an IT project management consultant?

IT project management focuses on supporting clients in the effective planning, execution and management of technology-related projects. An IT Project manager has a good understanding of software development, network infrastructure, cybersecurity and IT service management. 


What services can an IT project manager provide?

IT project management services focus on ensuring optimal efficiency at all phases of a project’s life cycle. An IT project manager will oversee the implementation of best practices throughout a project to optimize all processes.

Our consultants have several years of experience in software and web application development and can deliver scalable and agile projects. They offer a mixture of general project management and specific IT services including: project planning, risk management, IT development and training, coordinating system upgrades, building service catalogs, stakeholder management, quality assurance and project evaluation. 


Why hire an IT project management consultant?

Hiring an IT project management consultant will help your organization streamline processes and achieve business goals. With our IT project managers driving the transformation, you can build effective pipelines to create more collaborative teams that innovate faster. 

IT project managers can help ensure technology projects remain within budget, yield high quality results and are completed to their deadline. They also bring specific expertise to the table that an organization may lack in-house, for example an extensive understanding of cybersecurity or IT service management.


How to choose the right project management consultant

The key to success when you’re looking to recruit an IT project management consultant is fully understanding your project’s specific needs. This way, you can look for a consultant that has experience in the specific area of technology that you need support with. 

A project manager’s qualifications and success in previous projects are good indicators of how well they are likely to perform, but perhaps more important than this is that you feel the consultant is amiable and will work effectively within your team. By checking references and conducting interviews, you should be able to find a personable consultant that is a good fit for the job and for your company.

We have a wide range of experts with the know-how to implement lean project management structures and agile working models while also moving your project management office (PMO) forward.


How much does hiring an IT project manager cost?

An IT project manager’s salary can vary depending on their experience level, specialisms and the length of the project. It is important to agree on a daily rate for a consultant before starting a project. You can use our pricing tool to find average daily rates of consultants based on specific factors such as industry, professional background and language skills. 

IT has become an important part of every organization, and through outsourcing IT project management using our network of experts you have access to excellent management skills and IT expertise. This is crucial to improving your organization’s technical capabilities and smoothly managing tech-based projects.

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