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An innovation consultant can help you spot new opportunities to evolve your business or product and give you an edge over your competitors. Are you looking to disrupt the industry? Does your organization need a solid innovation management process? Or perhaps you need expert advice on the secrets of corporate innovation.

Whether you are interested in process innovation or need support evolving a product or service, we have access to a vast network of vetted innovation specialists to help you achieve your goals.

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Top innovation management projects by industry

  • Blockchain concept in automotive
  • E-mobility trend research
  • Digital customer journey
  • Product launch Last-Mile Delivery
  • Setup Innovation Hub for retailer
  • Virtual showroom concept
  • Service innovation
  • Alternative fuels market research
  • Transformation program in mining
  • Bank of the Future trend research
  • Innovation culture workshop
  • Target operating model definition
  • Medtech innovation hub setup
  • Innovation program launch
  • Innovation pipeline review
  • Setup R&D organization
  • Innovation management audit
  • Business model canvas workshop
  • Digital transformation of publisher
  • Design thinking workshop
  • Digital revenue stream
  • Blockchain concept in supply chain
  • Digital strategy
  • Hotel of the Future concept

Hire an Innovation Management Consultant

An innovation consultant can help you spot new opportunities to evolve your business or product and give you an edge over your competitors. Whether you’re looking to disrupt the industry, implement a solid innovation management process or need expert advice on the secrets of corporate innovation, innovation consulting gives you access to the knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

What is an innovation consultant?

An innovation consultant advises organizations looking to improve their creative and innovative capabilities. They work with businesses to help them identify new opportunities for growth and development.


What services does innovation consulting involve?

Innovation consultants can adapt the services they offer to the organization they are working with. They often focus on boosting innovation within a business by running brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas or providing training to employees on how to harness innovation and creativity.

They also develop plans for implementing new ideas and technologies, assess the success of innovation initiatives and make ongoing recommendations for improvement.


Why hire an innovation consultant?

There are a few pitfalls that companies can fall into when embarking on an innovation journey. Hiring an experienced innovation consultant can help you avoid these pitfalls. 

Companies often approach innovation with the wrong mindset. While organizations usually focus on efficiency, when you are looking to create a new product or business model a more experimental approach is advantageous. Innovation consulting can help your organization embrace this approach and focus on learning and becoming more agile.

Focusing on monetary metrics and targets is not worthwhile during an innovation process, as it’s impossible to gauge how the innovation process will develop over time. An innovation consultant can reassure stakeholders that prioritizing customer success measures will be the most rewarding metric to measure the success of an ongoing innovation process.


How to choose the right innovation consultant

With a wide range of experts to choose from, the key to success when you’re looking to recruit an innovation consultant is fully understanding your organization’s specific needs. This way, you can look for a consultant that has the knowledge and expertise you require. You can also look for someone with experience in your industry or similar fields. 

As with hiring any new temporary team member, it is important to choose an innovation consultant that has great communication skills and is compatible with your team. Conducting an interview is a great way to quickly find out if someone will be a good fit, but references or reviews from past projects can also be good indications of the way someone works and the advantages they could bring to your company. 


How much does an innovation consultant cost?

The scope and complexity of your project and the consultant’s expertise can all influence an innovation consultant’s salary. It’s important to discuss the pricing structure and daily rate before hiring a consultant. You can use our pricing tool to find average daily rates of consultants based on specific factors such as industry, professional background and language skills. 

Innovation consultants can use their fresh perspective to generate new ideas and opportunities for growth, improving the implementation of innovation initiatives. Innovation consulting can help organizations increase their competitiveness and market share through creative solutions, while the resulting creative environment can foster greater employee engagement.

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