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An innovation consultant can help you spot new opportunities to evolve your business or product and give you an edge over your competitors. Are you looking to disrupt the industry? Does your organization need a solid innovation management process? Or perhaps you need expert advice on the secrets of corporate innovation.

Whether you are interested in process innovation or need support evolving a product or service, COMATCH has access to a vast network of vetted innovation specialists to help you achieve your goals.

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Top innovation management projects by industry

  • Blockchain concept in automotive
  • E-mobility trend research
  • Digital customer journey
  • Product launch Last-Mile Delivery
  • Setup Innovation Hub for retailer
  • Virtual showroom concept
  • Service innovation
  • Alternative fuels market research
  • Transformation program in mining
  • Bank of the Future trend research
  • Innovation culture workshop
  • Target operating model definition
  • Medtech innovation hub setup
  • Innovation program launch
  • Innovation pipeline review
  • Setup R&D organization
  • Innovation management audit
  • Business model canvas workshop
  • Digital transformation of publisher
  • Design thinking workshop
  • Digital revenue stream
  • Blockchain concept in supply chain
  • Digital strategy
  • Hotel of the Future concept

Hire an Innovation Management Consultant

Hiring consultants to help navigate the innovation process is a natural and prudent choice for companies that want to avoid fumbling their innovation journey.

There are several common pitfalls that companies fall into when hiring an innovation consultant. Keeping these common mistakes in mind can prevent innovation failure—a death sentence for businesses in the 21st century.

Having the wrong mindset

Going into the innovation process with the wrong mindset is one of the biggest obstacles to creating a successful process and is a key reason why companies fail to successfully innovate. During normal operations, an organization must focus on optimizing efficiency. While this is the correct approach for running their core business, this must be flipped on its head when the goal is to create a new product or business model. In such scenarios, taking a more experimental approach is advantageous. This means that the focus should be on learning and becoming more agile.

Focusing on the wrong metrics

Prior to a consultant stepping their foot through the door, many businesses take the opportunity to compose a list of lofty and unattainable goals that they want to achieve during the innovation process. These are typically monetary goals, manufactured by an individual in the company with no experience in innovation and a limited ability to predict how successful the innovation process will be. Yet, consultants are expected to meet these targets. 

While companies will understandably be eager to calculate how profitable hiring a consultant will be in the long run, it is impossible to gauge how the innovation process will develop over time. Ultimately, focusing on monetary goals and making plans about how exactly a consultant will meet these arbitrary targets is a recipe for disappointment.

Instead, businesses should look at non-financial measures linked to the customer as a metric of success.

Expecting miracles from consultants

If a business acquires consulting services with the belief that this alone will resolve all of their business woes, they are likely expecting too much. There is no magic trick when it comes to innovating effectively. Consultants are not capable of instantly resolving all of a company’s problems or improving every aspect of their business model. Knowing this before beginning a consulting project will help curb any potential dissatisfaction. 

It is important to remember that it is the job of the consultant to guide the innovation process. Consultants are often thrust into a situation where even before a project briefing has taken place, an exhaustive innovation plan has been created by an organization. Typically, this plan tries to follow an innovation method used by another company successfully. 

The company then expects the consultant to arrive and replicate the exact process that the other business followed with little acknowledgment of their unique circumstances causing significant frustration down the line.

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