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Employee Engagement

Ensure that employees are invested in an organization’s mission and goals, and enthusiastic about their work.

Performance Management

Help employees grow in their careers and better support the business with a strong performance management approach.

Diversity and Inclusion

Make sure that your company empowers people for their differences and makes them feel included in the culture of the organization.

Talent Development

Motivate, develop, and retain engaged employees to build a more sustainable, better-performing organization.

Culture Transformation

Realign your company culture to account for a new value system, mission, or vision.

Leadership Development

Train and develop your leadership to manage your team effectively.

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    Cultivate a culture of high-performance

    People are not cogs. The way a group works is not just a well-oiled sequence of tasks; a band is not made only of frontmen. Mapping out individual contributions over and beyond the jobs to be completed, say in onboarding new employees, providing comfort where there is doubt, smoothing ruffled feathers, and lightening the tone, need to be viewed as having the same importance as mapping skills. You need these skills to build a team that will find a way, that won’t crack under stress, and that remains loyal. You need people who feel beholden to one another and a company culture that correctly assesses and steers this behavior. 


    Here’s how you can cultivate employee engagement in your company culture.

    Make it accountable. The cornerstone of each project is the benefits case: what does this idea bring to whom, and on what timeframe? How do we know whether we’re getting those benefits on pace? The only criterion on which a project is judged, then, is whether the benefits case is achieved or not. Next, the necessary effort is assessed: skills, toolset, people time, machine time, office space, external assets to buy, etc. But how much it costs is not a criterion. The question is, does it foreseeably support the benefits case?

    Make it modular. Most projects are better off split into minimal value steps, that is, self-contained levels of achievement that make it possible to account for team fatigue, lessons learned, availability of rare resources for other projects, and digesting time for a major change, build-up of user ownership, etc.

    Make it fair. Any number of projects can be pitched. They’re not in competition, and they have different priorities based on their respective benefit cases. Projects are not pitched to a closed committee of big bosses with lots of political toes to step on, but should be available for everyone to view on internal social media, pitched to an assembly of the organization: representatives of the young and old, the low and high, the just-joined and the old-timers. The states-general will be able to debate, modify, enrich, suggest merging the idea with another project or splitting it into more chewable mouthfuls. Sometimes they will have to be rejected, and this response will be reached as a consensus with the project owner. 

    Make it committed. The owner commits to delivering the agreed benefit case on time, and the organization commits to supplying the agreed means on time. Both parties commit to reviewing the level of benefits reached on each step, as compared to the benefits case, and decide what the next level of ambition will be.

    Make every willing collaborator an “intrapreneur”, contributing to the whole in a way that is meaningful to them. This is how to vest interest in a common good built together. This is how to attract and retain talent: by fostering a sense of belonging. This is how parts of a machine can be turned into ships in a fleet, and company strategy can be reinvigorated. Learn to collaborate again, and your organization will sparkle.

    Not sure where to start? Find a great employee engagement consultant to help you get there. 


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