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Customer Loyalty Marketing

Reactivate and retain customers by building a value-add relationship and a strong sense of brand loyalty.

Online Sales ERP Integration

Integrate online sales channels into an ERP system to allow the free flow of information between the two systems.

Conversion Optimization

Improve your conversion rate by enhancing your website/marketplace and revaluating your customer journey.

Supplier Negotiation

Get the best deals from suppliers to improve the consistency and quality of your product and keep prices low for customers.

Traffic Generation Strategy

Generate more traffic for your website with methods like social sharing, SEO, paid advertisements, and email marketing.

Subscription Model Pricing

Find a competitive subscription model pricing structure to balance value and revenue.

The leading marketplace for e-commerce consultants

We are living in a truly digital world in which consumers expect to have access to products and services with the click of a button. Don’t fall behind in the race to maximize online sales and find the right e-commerce expert to:

  • Develop an online marketing strategy 
  • Maximize online profits 
  • Improve user experience 
  • Optimize your current website

Take the guesswork out of finding the right support for your organization and let COMATCH connect you with e-commerce consultants to lead your company in the right direction.

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    Our clients request a wide variety of services. From 1-day workshops to long transformation projects, we will always find the best candidate for your engagement.

    We have experience in your industry

    • Customer Experience (CX) for an automotive OEM 
    • Sourcing and procurement excellence 
    • Blockchain concept in Automotive 
    • Direct to Consumer (D2C) Strategy 
    • Circular Economy concept 
    • Product pricing for fashion companies
    • Project management for plant restructuring 
    • Examination and negotiation of the purchase of IT services 
    • Process optimization ‘order to delivery’
    • Implementation of an anti-money laundering tool (AML)
    • Digital marketing strategy for credit card providers
    • Feasibility study for site expansion
    • Launch Excellence for OTC companies 
    • Sustainable production workshop 
    • Market entry strategy
    • End-to-end supply chain optimization
    • Piloting a new service platform 
    • Digital business model audit
    • Cybersecurity strategy
    • Concept for sustainability reporting
    • Market study on the IoT industry
    • Workshop “The Future of Sustainable Travel”
    • Brand positioning for travel platform
    • Organizational design for post-merger integration

    Hire an e-commerce consultant

    Customer expectations are changing as the world becomes more and more digital—and not only in the area of receiving goods. E-commerce transactions have to be fast, simple, and dependable. Current delivery structures should fit the country and region, and new services in the flow process have to be integrated and implemented. This movement in the Courier-Express-Parcel market (CEP) is already in full swing. According to a Forrester study, an average growth rate of 11% annually in e-commerce is predicted with the greatest growth markets in the UK, Germany, and France.

    A central challenge within e-commerce is understanding logistics services on the last mile within the business structure and using such understanding to empower marketing and sales strategies. It is often helpful to deploy a project group made of e-commerce consultants and employees to problem-solve issues.

    It is also vital for e-commerce brands to have a clear 5-10 year vision that puts its customers – existing ones and potentially new ones – at the center. This vision must be whole-heartedly embraced and consistently communicated across digital and offline channels.

    Data collection, analysis, and usage are becoming more and more important in driving customer-facing processes and it is crucial for consumer brands to jump on this bandwagon. This means learning about customers and understanding how to influence their behavior along the funnel. Companies should leverage every touchpoint, from social media to search engine optimization  (SEO), to offline to email marketing. 

    Neglecting this development leaves many brands at the risk of being disconnected from their customers, and losing out to more agile competitors.

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