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Top due diligence consultant projects by industry

Automotive & Industrial Goods

  • Industry trends analysis
  • Operational due diligence
  • Commercial due diligence in aviation industry

Consumer Goods & Trade

  • Commercial due diligence (CDD) of retail chain
  • Due diligence for procurement
  • Technical due diligence

Energy & Materials

  • Benchmarking of operational KPIs
  • Commercial due diligence in oil & gas industry
  • Gas market expert for due diligence

Financial Services

  • Commercial due diligence for fintech company
  • Due diligence for investment
  • Target identification for PE firm

Healthcare & Chemicals

  • Red flag review
  • Commercial due diligence of chemical company
  • Financial due diligence in healthcare

High Tech & IT

  • Operational due diligence
  • Commercial due diligence in semiconductor industry
  • Business valuation of start-up

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Hire a due diligence consultant

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, many companies look to M&A (merger and acquisition) activities to strengthen their market position and gain a competitive edge. Commercial due diligence consulting allows you to objectively assess strengths, weaknesses, and capital options before embarking on an M&A journey.


What is a due diligence consultant?

Due diligence consultants specialize in evaluating potential business transactions, for example mergers, acquisitions or partnerships. As part of their evaluation they carry out detailed research and analysis to identify the risks and opportunities associated with each transaction and formulate recommendations to inform their clients’ decisions. Due diligence consulting can also provide valuable information for internal analysis to help an organization address risks and inefficiencies.


What services does due diligence consulting involve?

Due diligence consulting services approach business transactions in a methodical manner. A consultant often starts by performing a strategic deep dive to develop an overview of a company’s strengths and weaknesses and to better understand market conditions. Due diligence consultants recognize and encourage collaboration between the board and senior management to ensure open discussions of their findings. 

They will then analyze capital options in relation to M&A activities and start an initial dialogue with financial institutions if required. By assessing existing joint ventures, due diligence consultants can find potential business transaction candidates and create a detailed run-down of the risks and rewards involved. 


Why hire a due diligence consultant?

The end result of a due diligence consulting partnership should be a stronger strategic position in the market achieved through a clear overview of a company’s market and strategic direction. The ultimate goal is the successful transaction of a target. By outsourcing a due diligence consultant you also gain an objective perspective on a transaction, which ensures a grounded and logical assessment of the risk involved. 

They are able to bring extensive experience of M&A, which may be lacking among in-house employees. Understanding how your organization is functioning internally and remedying inefficiencies is a crucial step to undergo before any M&A activity can take place, and a due diligence consultant can help with this.


How to choose the right due diligence consultant

It is important to look for a consultant with experience in conducting due diligence in your industry or in transactions that are similar to yours. With such a range of due diligence consultants in our network, you can find one with specialized expertise in the areas that are most important to your organization. 

Communication skills are especially important for due diligence consultants, as they will need to develop good working relationships with all stakeholders involved in a transaction. By checking references and conducting interviews, you should be able to find a personable consultant that is a good fit for your project and your company. 


How much does a due diligence consultant cost?

The scope of the project, complexity of the transaction and consultant’s expertise can all influence a due diligence consultant’s salary. It’s important to discuss the pricing structure and daily rate before hiring a consultant. You can use our pricing tool to find average daily rates of consultants based on specific factors such as industry, professional background and language skills. 

M&A activities are becoming increasingly appealing for companies looking to get ahead in a rapidly changing business world. Through outsourcing a due diligence consultant, you will have access to an objective perspective on potential transactions, an analysis of risks from someone with experience in M&A, and an honest review of your company’s performance and how it can be improved. 

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