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Top digital transformation projects by industry

Automotive & Industrial Goods

  • Smart factory of the future
  • Automotive customer experience (CX) innovation
  • Autonomously operating machines workshop

Consumer Goods & Trade

  • Digital strategy conception
  • Sales digitization in the furniture industry
  • Digital ecosystem build-up

High Tech & IT

  • Cloud governance framework
  • Data strategy
  • Smart home trend scouting

Travel & Logistics

  • ‘Digital Airport’ concept
  • Digitalization of hotel chain
  • Machine learning for online travel agency

Financial Services

  • Core banking system upgrade
  • Virtualization of insurance sales
  • Digital asset management solution

Energy & Materials

  • Flexible energy consumption model
  • Digital customer service
  • IoT monitoring solution

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The leading marketplace for digital transformation consultants

Adapting business models to the digital era has become a priority for organizations that don’t want to get left behind in the race toward digitization. But we have to learn how to best use these new technologies, and outsourcing a digital transformation consultant can be the perfect way to make the digital transition as efficient as possible. 


What is a digital transformation consultant?

A digital transformation consultant helps organizations leverage technology to increase efficiency and improve customer experience through transforming their operations. By identifying areas where a company’s digital capabilities could be improved, they can help bridge these gaps to ensure they are making the best use of available technology.


What services are included in digital transformation consulting?

Digital transformation consulting comprises a wide range of services. Consultants can identify areas for improvement through a digital assessment, develop and execute on digital transformation strategies, and advise on the most suitable tools and platforms for a company’s needs. They can also use their expertise to train employees on new technologies, analyze data for business decisions and make sure your organization is complying with digital regulations and standards.


Why hire a digital transformation consultant?

Struggling to know how to use and leverage technology is a common problem in the modern world of work, so hiring an expert can save employees time and stress by dramatically expanding digital capabilities. Digital transformation consulting can increase profitability and efficiency, improve customer experience and enhance data security and compliance. This will help your organization stay ahead in the increasingly digital business landscape.


How to choose the right digital transformation consultant

In order to find the best digital transformation consultant for your organization, you should look for someone with a successful track record in your industry or a similar field. For digital consultants it is especially important to check that they have the right technical and analytical skills for the projects you’d like them to work on. You should think about what key processes need to be digitized and how a consultant could best create value for customers. 

As with hiring any new temporary team member, it is important to choose a digital transformation consultant that has great communication skills and is compatible with your team. Conducting an interview is a great way to quickly find out if someone will be a good fit, but references or reviews from past projects can also be good indications of the way someone works and the advantages they could bring to your company. 


How much does a digital transformation consultant cost?

The consultant’s experience and qualifications alongside the scope and complexity of the proposed project are all factors that can affect a digital transformation consultant’s salary. You can use our pricing tool to find average daily rates of consultants based on specific factors such as industry, professional background and language skills. 

Digital transformation processes are vital, but they can be complex. Through outsourcing a freelance digital transformation consultant, your organization can gain a fresh perspective and specific expertise to speed up the digitization of key processes. This will in turn increase efficiency and your organization’s ability to keep up in the rapidly digitizing business landscape.

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