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Performance Marketing

Invest in paid advertisements to engage with and convert leads.

E-Commerce Marketing

Drive traffic to your online shop to improve brand visibility and strengthen sales.

Content Marketing Strategy

Create and promote engaging content to improve brand awareness and convert leads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Strengthen the visibility of your website by optimizing it for search engines.

Online Marketing Strategy

Create an online marketing strategy to attract qualified leads, build your brand, and increase revenue.

Marketing Automation

Use technology to automate online marketing efforts.

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Stay ahead of trends with a digital marketing consultant

Digital marketing evolves continually. Google changes its algorithm many times every year, social media platforms come and go, and industry-changing technologies are released on a regular basis.

It can be challenging to keep up, even for a large organization with an in-house marketing department. A digital marketing consultant can help bridge the gap between where your marketing efforts stand now and where your marketing return on investment (ROI)  is maximized.


What is a digital marketing consultant?

A digital marketing consultant provides expert advice to businesses on how to develop and implement effective digital marketing strategies. They work with organizations to pinpoint areas for improvement and refine methods to increase online visibility, website traffic and lead generation.

There are various digital marketing specializations, including:

  • Search Engine Optimization, which focuses on adapting website content to increase visibility in search engines.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, which involves managing paid campaigns on platforms like Google Ads to drive traffic and conversions to your site for certain keywords.
  • Social media marketing, which focuses on developing social media strategies to engage with audiences on various social media platforms.


What services does a digital marketing consultant offer?

Our digital marketing consultants are matched to your specific needs. They can offer a range of services to guide your organization through optimizing your digital marketing.

Digital marketing consulting services can develop a digital marketing strategy, which provides a clear overview of what you want to achieve, and how. This is your roadmap to success and needs to incorporate elements like your target persona, key performance indicators, and the best online channels to engage with your customers. 

Digital marketing consultants can also use their fresh perspective to evaluate your existing marketing efforts. They will assess your online engagement rates and customer journey while also helping you to nurture prospective customers through your funnel. 

Based on their view of your current digital marketing strategy, thety will then make recommendations about the specific digital marketing elements that will generate the best results for you. Whether that is amplifying your social media marketing, improving your SEO, or maximizing your paid advertising, a digital marketing consultant from our network can help. 


Why hire a digital marketing consultant?

Our experienced digital marketing consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds, with expertise in a range of digital marketing elements that you may lack in-house. This means they can provide you with innovative, customized solutions and use their skills to help implement these ideas to improve online visibility, lead generation and ultimately ROI.

Our data-driven approach to online marketing will help you improve reporting, recognize patterns, and ultimately stay on track for your performance goals. A freelance digital marketing consultant can help you make better decisions and deliver on marketing goals with the power of analytics, without costing as much as a permanent hire.


How to choose the right digital marketing consultant

With a wide range of experts to choose from, the key to success when you’re looking to recruit a digital marketing consultant is fully understanding your organization’s specific needs. This way, you can look for a consultant that has the knowledge and expertise you require. You can also look for someone with experience in your industry or similar fields. 

As with hiring any new temporary team member, it is important to choose someone that has great communication skills and is compatible with your team. Conducting an interview is a great way to quickly find out if someone will be a good fit, but references or reviews from past projects can also be good indications of the way someone works and the advantages they could bring to your company.


How much does a digital marketing consultant cost?

The scope and complexity of your project and the consultant’s expertise can all influence a digital marketing consultant’s salary. It’s important to discuss the pricing structure and daily rate before hiring a consultant. You can use our pricing tool to find average daily rates of consultants based on specific factors such as industry, professional background and language skills. 

Digital marketing is essential for organizations to stay competitive in the digital landscape. A digital marketing consultant is the partner you need to plan and execute an online marketing strategy that will maximize your organization’s success.

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