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Vulnerability Assessment

Work with a cybersecurity consultant to better understand the level of vulnerability of your systems to cyber attacks and demonstrate the business impacts of weaknesses in any system through tools like penetration testing.

Incident Management

Cybersecurity consultants can help you monitor and detect critical events like Website cyber forensics, reporting, ransomware corporate attacks, and threats, and execute proper responses to such events.

IT Strategy

Build a resilient organization and preemptively avoid business disruptions through the evaluation and upgradation of your IT Infrastructure with a long-term focus on cybersecurity and governance.

IT Architecture

A cybersecurity consultant will help you better understand the digital landscape, risks and opportunities in order to pursue not only operational improvements but also create procedures and frameworks.

Cyber Security Trainings

A consultant from the COMATCH network can work with your organization flexibly to provide customized cybersecurity training to your employees or help upskill your IT specialists for specific learning objectives.


Our cybersecurity consultants help ensure adherence of your organization’s systems to standards and regulatory requirements by establishing risk-based controls that uphold system integrity.

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Vetted Consultants

Our clients value our extensive candidate selection process. We make sure that we understand your project needs and will provide you with the best cybersecurity consultants from our network.

Fast Turnaround

Your personal account manager is available to provide you with the best cybersecurity consultant profiles and can arrange interviews with your favorite candidates in 48 hours or less.

Flexible Projects

Our clients request a wide variety of services. From 1-day workshops to long transformation projects, we will always find the best candidate for your engagement.

The leading marketplace for cybersecurity consultants

As more and more processes become digitized, it is becoming increasingly important to protect your organization’s data. Resilience to cybersecurity threats is key to any digitally savvy business strategy, and our cybersecurity consulting experts have the knowledge your company needs to stay safe in the digital world.


What is a cybersecurity consultant?

Cybersecurity consultants (sometimes known as IT security consultants) provide expert advice, conduct risk assessments and make recommendations on how organizations can best mitigate cyber threats. Their main focus is on helping businesses protect digital assets and data from cyberattacks. 


What do cybersecurity consulting services include?

Cybersecurity consulting services focus on:

  • assessing and managing all cybersecurity risks 
  • securing and protecting your data
  • responding to existing threats
  • implementing cloud security services to centralize data.

In order to do this, they may conduct vulnerability testing, security audits, and compliance assessments. Cybersecurity consultants can help develop an incident response plan and run training sessions on security for employees. Additionally, they can work on developing a cybersecurity strategy and policy to allow your organization to continue to implement best practices in this field moving forwards.


Why hire a cybersecurity consultant?

Cybersecurity consultancy requires very specific expertise, which primarily serves to protect organizations from cyber threats. Through conducting penetration testing, cybersecurity consultants can assist in identifying and mitigating security risks before they become problems. 

Their deep understanding of cybersecurity means these consultants can easily clarify regulations and make sure your business complies with industry standards and regulations. Outsourcing a consultant to meet your cybersecurity needs can save money compared to hiring full-time staff, especially as cybersecurity professionals often work on a project basis and need very specific skills. 


How to choose the right cybersecurity consultant

We have a huge variety of experienced cybersecurity consultants in our network, so it is important to think about your organization’s specific needs and then look for a consultant that can best meet these needs.

Conducting interviews can help you assess a consultant’s knowledge, communication skills and ability to fit in with your team. As cybersecurity consultancy jobs can be varied, you should look for someone that is able to adapt and work on a range of tasks. You can also look at the number of successful projects a consultant has completed, how much experience they have, and follow up on references from previous clients.


How much does a cybersecurity consultant cost?

A cybersecurity consultant’s salary depends on the length, complexity and scope of your project. A consultant is also likely to vary their daily rate based on their level of expertise and qualifications. You can use our pricing tool to find average daily rates of consultants based on specific factors such as industry, professional background and language skills. 

In today’s digital world, organizations collect and store huge amounts of sensitive information. Cyber attacks can cause financial and reputational damage, and are becoming an increasingly common concern. Ensuring you have the expertise you need to effectively prevent and mitigate cyber threats helps you maintain customer trust and comply with regulations. Investing in cybersecurity is investing in protecting your organization’s assets and reputation.

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