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Top corporate finance projects by industry

Automotive & Industrial Goods

  • Forecasting process definition
  • Finance organization design
  • Performance management

Consumer Goods & Trade

  • Corporate reporting setup
  • ‘Steering Excellence’ project support
  • Cash management optimization

Financial Services

  • Operating model improvement
  • Risk management optimization
  • Cyber risk analysis

Healthcare & Chemicals

  • ESG risk analysis
  • Financial modeling for a family business
  • Working capital optimization

High Tech & IT

  • ‘Smart Lean Finance’ initiative
  • Liquidity planning for carve-out
  • CFO support for preparation of exit

Travel & Logistics

  • Finance outsourcing
  • Balance sheet optimization
  • Risk digitization project

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The leading marketplace for corporate finance consultants

In a world of unpredictability and financial uncertainty, it is essential to have a strong corporate finance strategy. Success in this environment means two things—predicting how future events will affect your organization and creating a durable plan that can weather even the roughest of storms. Corporate finance consulting can help you develop a coherent financial strategy and make the best financial decisions for your organization. 


What is a corporate finance consultant?

Corporate finance consultants advise organizations on their financial management and decision-making. This type of consultant could help businesses looking for guidance on creating value, allocating resources or developing a finance strategy.


What services does corporate finance consulting involve?

Corporate finance consulting encompasses a broad range of services, including business valuation, M&A advice, risk management and strategic planning. Finance consultants can advise an organization on debt management, risk-proofing and how new technology, regulations or customer priorities should impact your financial decisions. 


Why hire a corporate finance consultant?

Finance consultants can bring a fresh perspective to a company’s financial management. They tackle specific financial issues, such as creating value or managing debt, but can also provide broader guidance on complex financial situations or financial strategy. Finance is key to any business, so this expertise can be greatly beneficial. 


How to choose the right finance consultant

With a wide range of experts to choose from, the key to success when you’re looking to recruit a corporate finance consultant is fully understanding your project’s specific needs. This way, you can look for a consultant that has the knowledge and expertise you require. You could also search for someone with experience in your industry or similar fields. 

A finance consultant’s qualifications and success in previous projects are good indicators of how well they are likely to perform, but perhaps more important than this is that you feel the consultant is amiable and will work effectively within your team. By checking references and conducting interviews, you should be able to find a personable consultant that is a good fit for your project and your company. 


How much does a corporate finance consultant cost?

The scope of the project, complexity of the transaction and consultant’s expertise can all influence a corporate finance consultant’s salary. It’s important to discuss the pricing structure and daily rate before hiring a consultant. You can use our  pricing tool to find average daily rates of consultants based on specific factors such as industry, professional background and language skills. 

Finance is relevant to every business, yet is an area in which in-house expertise can sometimes be lacking. By hiring a corporate finance consultant you get access to expert knowledge on the best financial strategies and decisions for your organization, which can be applied to tackling a specific problem area or generally maximizing financial success.

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