Privacy State­ment

As of: July 1st, 2017

COMATCH GmbH, Schin­ke­straße 20, 12047 Berlin (company regi­ster entry at the Char­lot­ten­burg Local Court under HRB 162116 B), repre­sented by the mana­ging direc­tors Dr. Chri­stoph Hardt and Dr. Jan Schäch­tele (“COMATCH” or “we/us/our“) as the operator of an online plat­form at (collec­tively referred to as “services”) is very concerned about the protec­tion of your personal data. There­fore, these privacy protec­tion guide­lines have been created to describe how your personal data is treated.

Should you have any questions about privacy protec­tion, feel free to contact us at any time at

A. Visi­ting the Website; Use of Services
B. Disclo­sure and Trans­mis­sion of Your Data
C. Cookies; Third-Party Services, Offers and Web Tools
D. Privacy Protec­tion
E. Your Rights: Data Changes, Disclo­sure and Dele­tion; Data Use Revo­ca­tions
F. Data Protec­tion Contact Person

A. Visi­ting the Website; Use of Services

Visi­ting the Website

When you visit the website, the follo­wing data will be collected:

Name of the visited website, the file, the time and date of the visit, the amount of data trans­mitted, a report of successful access, your IP address, your last clicked URL, your browser type and version, your opera­ting system, the requested provider

and addi­tio­nally when using a mobile device:

Country code, language, device name, opera­ting system name and version, GPS loca­tion data

We will only use this data for statis­tical evalua­tions for the opera­tion, safety and opti­mi­za­tion of the offers of COMATCH. However, we reserve the right to subse­quently review data if specific indi­ca­tions create justi­fied suspi­cions of unla­wful use.

Data Collected During Regi­stra­tion

When regi­ste­ring for our market­place, we will collect certain “user infor­ma­tion” to provide our services:

Name, address, tele­phone number, email address, date of birth, gender and other non-public personal data (such as feed­back, CV and expert infor­ma­tion)

Further­more, when crea­ting a user profile for the use of our services, addi­tional data, such as willing­ness to travel and work prefe­rences, may be optio­nally collected and saved (“profile data“) which the user may review at any time through the “Settings” func­tion on the menu.

User data collected as part of the regi­stra­tion and other profile data will be used in the opera­tion of COMATCH and the provi­sion of its services and those of the website Any user infor­ma­tion and profile data collected by us will only be used or published by us insofar as doing so is speci­fied by us in our consul­tant terms and/or privacy protec­tion guide­lines.

The services provided by us after successful regi­stra­tion are not offered to persons under 18 years of age. There­fore, no personal infor­ma­tion on visi­tors younger than 18 years of age is inten­tio­nally collected during regi­stra­tion.

Consul­tant Payment Data

After regi­stra­tion, we will only collect the follo­wing “payment data” with the express permis­sion of the affected party for payment:

Bank account number/Bank sort code or IBAN, BIC, tax number

This payment data will only be collected, saved and used by us for billing and payment tran­sac­tions of fees to which consul­tant users are entitled in accord­ance with the regu­la­tions of the contract between COMATCH and the consul­tant. The user may review, change or delete this data on his user profile at any time. Further­more, the user shall have the right to revoke use of his data (see Section E).

Use of Your Data

Gene­rally, data that you provide to us will either be used to allow us to perform our services, to answer your questions or to help us provide a better service for you. We use your data and infor­ma­tion, among other things, for the follo­wing purposes:

  • easier crea­tion and secu­rity of your account;
  • reco­gni­tion as a user by our system;
  • impro­ve­ment of our website and services;
  • internal rese­arch and deve­lop­ment purposes as part of existing contrac­tual rela­ti­onships with COMATCH;
  • customer-specific design to meet your prefe­rences;
  • preven­tion of re-regi­stra­tion by blocked users;
  • perfor­mance of the services requested by you;
  • sending your profile to a client after recei­ving your permis­sion;
  • sending a welco­ming email to ascer­tain that the email address used to regi­ster the account is yours;
  • sending admi­ni­stra­tive email noti­fi­ca­tions and secu­rity, support or main­ten­ance emails;
  • answe­ring your requests for and questions about respec­tive contacts;
  • occa­sional tele­phone conver­sa­tions with you for secon­dary fraud protec­tion or to obtain feed­back from you;
  • sending emails to regi­stered users with contents related to our services, insofar as the user does not object.

B. Disclo­sure and Trans­mis­sion of Your Data

We will only disc­lose your data and user infor­ma­tion on the website or to third parties as described here­after or subse­quently in these privacy protec­tion guide­lines.

Links to social networks

If you (i) log into our service using the log-in data of a social network (such as LinkedIn or XING) and/or (ii) link your account to your social network account, we may obtain infor­ma­tion about you from the website of the social network in accord­ance with the usage terms and the privacy protec­tion terms (“SNS terms”) of the social network. This infor­ma­tion consists of the data that can be viewed on your user profile on the respec­tive social network (i.e., your profile picture, name, profes­sional expe­ri­ence and exper­tise, etc.) that is trans­mitted to us after you provide your approval.

We may add this infor­ma­tion to the data that we have already collected about you. This infor­ma­tion will be saved and used by us to provide our offers and services.

LinkedIn’s privacy policy can be found at:
XING’s privacy policy can be found at:

Affi­liated Compa­nies and Company Acqui­si­tions

We may provide any of your personal infor­ma­tion or parts thereof to our parent company, our subsi­dia­ries, joint ventures to other compa­nies under joint control (“group compa­nies“); however, we will demand adhe­rence to these privacy protec­tion guide­lines from our group compa­nies. Should any changes to the ownership or use of your data and/or your ability to control your data occur, we will notify you by email or provide special notice on our website.

Other Disclo­sure

Irre­spec­tive of the deci­sions you make about your data (as described here­after), COMATCH may disc­lose personal data if COMATCH believes in good faith that its disclo­sure is required: (a) in connec­tion with offi­cial inve­sti­ga­tions; (b) under adhe­rence to appli­cable laws or to respond to subpo­enas or sequestra­tion orders against COMATCH; (c) to protect or defend the rights or the property of COMATCH or of the users of its services; or (d) to deter­mine or parti­ci­pate in the preven­tion of actual or poten­tial viola­tions of laws, these privacy protec­tion guide­lines or usage terms.

C. Cookies; Third-Party Services, Offers and Web Tools


To better under­stand and meet your prefe­rences and to analyze adver­ti­sing measures, COMATCH uses cookies.

Cookies are small files that allow infor­ma­tion related to the access device of the user (PC, smart­phone, etc.) to be saved on the device. They ensure user-friend­li­ness of websites for users (e.g., by saving log-in data). They also allow statis­tical data on website usage to be collected so that it can be analyzed by our services to offer impro­ve­ment. Users can control the use of cookies. Most brow­sers have an option to restrict or prevent cookies from being saved. However, please note that usage, espe­ci­ally comfort of use, will be limited without cookies.

If a user visits our website, so-called session cookies will be created that will be auto­ma­ti­cally deleted from the user’s computer’s memory after the user closes his browser window. Session cookies are needed to assign succes­sive access to the site to users acces­sing our website at the same time.

Users may manage online company ad cookies through the US website
Or the EU website

General Third-Party Websites

By clicking on a link to another website or loca­tion, you will leave our website and navi­gate to the other website; in this case, your personal infor­ma­tion or anony­mous data may be collected by another loca­tion. We do not monitor or review these external websites or their contents and shall not be liable for them or their contents. Please note that the regu­la­tions of these privacy protec­tion guide­lines do not apply to these external websites, their contents or to any data collected after you click on links to such external websites.

Google Analy­tics

We curr­ently use “Google Analy­tics,” a web analysis service of Google Inc., Moun­tain View, CA, USA. Google Analy­tics uses so-called “cookies,” text files saved onto the users’ devices that allow your usage of the website to be analyzed. The infor­ma­tion on use of the offer by users, their browser type/version, opera­ting system, referrer URL (the last visited website), host­name of the acces­sing computer (IP address), time of the server request when using the website gene­rated by the cookie is gene­rally trans­mitted to a Google server in the US where it is stored. However, due the activa­tion of IP anony­mi­za­tion on this website, users’ IP addresses will be shor­tened by Google within member states of the European Union or in other states party to the European Economic Area Agree­ment. The full IP address will there­fore not be trans­ferred to a Google server in the US and shor­tened there. IP anony­mi­za­tion is activated on our website. On behalf of COMATCH, Google will use this infor­ma­tion to assess use of COMATCH by its users, compile reports about website activity and to provide addi­tional services related to use of the offer and the Internet for us.

The IP address of the user’s browser trans­mitted through Google Analy­tics will not be merged with other Google data. User can prevent cookie storage through their browser settings. However, please note that this may prevent you from using every func­tion of the website. Google Analy­tics collects infor­ma­tion anony­mously and reports website trends without iden­ti­fying indi­vi­dual visi­tors. Google Analy­tics uses its own cookie to follow visitor inter­ac­tions. Website owners may view a number of reports that demon­strate how visi­tors interact with their website to allow the owners to improve their websites and increase attrac­tiveness.

The follo­wing links provide more infor­ma­tion about Google Analy­tics: and

You may prevent collec­tion by Google Analy­tics through your browser settings; however, please note that you may not be able to use every func­tion of our website in its enti­rety. You may click on the follo­wing link which will activate an opt-out cookie to prevent future collec­tion of your data when visi­ting this website: Deac­tivate Google Analy­tics

Social Plugins

Our website is linked to several social networks through “social plugins“: Face­book, Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing.

Without inter­ven­tion by the user, these social plugins will be deac­tivated and no data will be trans­mitted. If a user would like to share contents, he must first click on the respec­tive button on our website. If the user is logged in to his user profile of the respec­tive social network and clicks on the button, an assign­ment to his visit of our website will only be made after clicking on the button again, e.g., the “Share” func­tion. The user may, of course, deac­tivate this func­tion through the “Settings” of his COMATCH profile at any time.

If the user does not want data on our services to be collected through social networks, he must log out of the respec­tive social networks before visi­ting our website. However, cookies with an ID will be set by us during each visit when activating the respec­tive button by clicking on it. There­fore, through this func­tion, data may be collected and a profile may be created that may be traced to an indi­vi­dual person. If the user does not want this, he may deac­tivate the respec­tive link on our website by clicking on it. The user may also set his browser so that it rejects cookies; however, please note that this may restrict the func­tio­n­a­lity of our services.


We use the social plugin for the social network Face­book at of Face­book Inc., 1601 S. Cali­fornia Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Face­book“).

Facebook’s privacy policy can be found at


We use the social plugin for the social network Twitter at of Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Fran­cisco, CA 94107, USA (“Twitter“).

Twitter’s privacy policy can be found at


We use the social plugin for the social network LinkedIn at of the LinkedIn Corpo­ra­tion, 2029 Stierlin Court, Moun­tain View, CA 94043, USA or LinkedIn Ireland, Wilton Plaza, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Irland (“LinkedIn“).
LinkedIn’s privacy policy can be found at:


We use the social plugin for the social network XING at of the XING AG, Damm­tor­straße 30, 20354 Hamburg, Germany (“XING“).

XING’s privacy policy can be found at:

D. Privacy Protec­tion

COMATCH is very concerned about the secu­rity of your personal data. We (and our external service provi­ders) use a number of stan­dard indu­stry secu­rity tech­no­lo­gies and proce­dures to protect your personal infor­ma­tion from unaut­ho­rized access, use or disclo­sure. Princi­pally when offe­ring our services and espe­ci­ally if you enter sensi­tive infor­ma­tion (e.g., account infor­ma­tion) onto your profile, we (or our external service provi­ders) will encrypt this infor­ma­tion using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) tech­no­logy.

Data of our COMATCH services will be exclu­si­vely saved and processed on servers in the European Union (EU), unless other infor­ma­tion is provided to the user.

When acces­sing your account data, we will ask you to enter a pass­word. Please do not provide your profile pass­word to anyone. None­theless, trans­mis­sion proce­dures via the Internet or elec­tronic storage proce­dures are never 100% secure. There­fore, COMATCH strives, to the best of its ability, to protect your personal data, but cannot guarantee its abso­lute safety. Should you have any questions about the safety of our website, you may contact us at the follo­wing address:

E. Your Rights: Data Changes, Disclo­sure and Dele­tion; Data Use Revo­ca­tions

Your Rights: Blocking/Deleting/Correcting Personal Data

The user has the right to have any personal data stored by us blocked, deleted or corrected.

You may change your personal data on your account at any time by editing your account profile or by contac­ting us via email or the website. When contac­ting us through the website or through, you may request the dele­tion of your personal data.

However, please be aware that we may be required to store and to not delete such data (or that we may store such data for a certain period, though we will imple­ment your request for dele­tion as soon as the manda­tory storage period expires).

Your infor­ma­tion will be stored by us for as long as your account is active or for as long as storage of your infor­ma­tion is required for us to provide our services, prevent fraud or to meet our legal obli­ga­tions or for arbi­tra­tion or to fulfill our agree­ments.

In case of termi­na­tion of the usage rela­ti­onship, the data of the user will be regu­larly deleted from our internal data­base, except for inven­tory data insofar as it is required for the esta­blish­ment or contents of or changes to the contrac­tual rela­ti­onship.

Your Rights: Revo­ca­tion

Every user has the right to revoke his permis­sion for the use, proces­sing or trans­mis­sion of his data by us at any time in writing or by email. For this, the user may contact us at

In case of revo­ca­tion, we will delete any and all of the user’s data stored by us without delay. However, this shall not apply if this data is still needed for the imple­men­ta­tion of a contrac­tual rela­ti­onship. Further­more, we may, despite his revo­ca­tion, process and/or use the user’s data if this is done as part of the object of a contrac­tual rela­ti­onship or a contract-like rela­ti­onship based on trust and/or insofar as it is done to protect our justi­fied inte­rests and if, follo­wing a careful balan­cing of inte­rests, no reason exists to believe that legi­ti­mate inte­rests of user outweigh the exclu­sion of the proces­sing and/or use of his data.

Your Rights: Disclo­sure

Under the German Federal Data Protec­tion Act [Bundes­da­ten­schutz­ge­setz], every user has a right to disclo­sure, free of charge, about indi­vi­dual-related data saved on him. For such disclo­sure, the user may contact

Privacy Protec­tion Guide­line Appli­ca­bi­lity and Changes

Our privacy policy may be viewed on and printed from our website at any time at
We may change these privacy protec­tion guide­lines under adhe­rence to appli­cable regu­la­tions.

F. Data Protec­tion Contact Person

The body respon­sible for the services of our website in accord­ance with the German Federal Data Protec­tion Act is COMATCH GmbH, Schin­ke­straße 20, 12047 Berlin, repre­sented by the mana­ging direc­tors Dr. Chri­stoph Hardt and Dr. Jan Schäch­tele.

Should you have any questions about the collec­tion, proces­sing and use of personal data, about the disclo­sure, autho­ri­za­tion, blocking or dele­tion of data or about the revo­ca­tion of any permis­sion granted, please do not hesi­tate to call us at +49-(0)30-85767542 (during regular busi­ness hours, Mondays through Fridays from 9 AM to 6 PM) or email us at