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COMATCH — your market­place for inde­pen­dent manage­ment consul­tants in London
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COMATCH connects compa­nies of all sectors and sizes with inde­pen­dent consul­tants for exci­ting projects

If you are looking for consul­ting and exper­tise in London, we are the right partner for you – quick, personal and cost-effi­cient. COMATCH is a market­place for you as a client as well as for inde­pen­dent consul­tants and indu­stry experts. Does your company lack the resources or expe­ri­ence to realize an important project? We will find the right consul­tant for you, or, if necessary, a full team of consul­tants – either directly from those in London or from those willing to tempora­rily work there. The free­lan­cers working for us are selected by us perso­nally. They have many years of expe­ri­ence in inter­na­tional top consul­ting firms and cover nume­rous topics.

More than 10 000 experts at COMATCH can support you and your employees in many areas

Projects in the field of orga­ni­sa­tion and IT: the service ranges from change manage­ment and orga­ni­sa­tional design to contem­porary IT project manage­ment and setting up or opti­mi­sing IT archi­tec­ture.
Opera­tions: product opti­mi­sa­tion, lean manage­ment, supply chain manage­ment or process manage­ment – we will find quali­fied consul­tants that will support you in reali­zing your project from the begin­ning to the end.
Whether you are plan­ning the imple­men­ta­tion of a new marke­ting or sales stra­tegy or want to improve existing processes and adapt them to current requi­re­ments, the know-how of COMATCH consul­tants ranges from e-commerce and digital marke­ting, go-to-market stra­te­gies and pricing to sales and account manage­ment.
Although inqui­ries in the the fields of finance, corpo­rate finance, due dili­gence, risk manage­ment as well as control­ling and ratio systems are the most frequent from our clients, we cover all these topics but offer much more – if you are inte­re­sted in a specific service that is not listed here, just send us a non-binding request!

You pursue the right stra­tegy with us

Our manage­ment consul­tants not only effec­tively support the posi­tive deve­lop­ment of young compa­nies and new products, but also help with growth stra­te­gies, inno­va­tion manage­ment, marke­ting stra­te­gies and with setting up and deve­lo­ping busi­ness plans.
Do you want to open a new market or need an over­view of estab­lished outlets? The follo­wing market analysis can be carried out by our consul­tants: bench­mar­king and compe­ti­tion analysis, market size evalua­tion, big data and statis­tical analysis.
The broad range of consul­tants avail­able to us in London and the surroun­ding area enables us to always find the perfect partner for your project. You will benefit from the personal and indi­vi­dua­lized assi­stance from our account manager and can start your project with one of the inde­pen­dent consul­tants from the COMATCH network within 48 hours. Costs only occur after signing the contract.

Quick & easy: Ask for our manage­ment consul­tants

If you are inte­re­sted in working with us, you just have to fill in the project brie­fing online or call us to present your request. We will then suggest two to three matching consul­tants in the desired region, e.g. London, without any obli­ga­tions. During the project we want to ensure that you are satis­fied with us and the consul­tants: you have the possi­bi­lity to provide feed­back regar­ding us and our consul­tants every month and at the end of the project. This fosters trans­pa­rency and elabo­rates the profiles of the COMATCH consul­tants. Thanks to you, we can improve our consul­ting and service quality to reach our goal – perma­nent and veri­fiable impro­ve­ment of your busi­ness by custom-made consul­ting.

The satis­fac­tion of our consul­tants is equally important to us

Are you working in a consul­ting firm in London and are thin­king about star­ting work as a free­lancer? Join the COMATCH commu­nity! If you have the required quali­fi­ca­tions, you can soon become a member of the consul­tant commu­nity. Just apply online and benefit from the nume­rous advan­tages resul­ting from our effi­cient process struc­ture: our market­place not only helps you acquire clients but can also lead to a greater salary compared to that of a perma­nent posi­tion. In addi­tion, COMATCH offers you complete self-deter­mi­na­tion and flexi­bi­lity: you decide when and where you work. You choose projects that you are inte­re­sted in, that chal­lenge you and help you to improve best.