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COMATCH – your market­place for inde­pen­dent manage­ment consul­tants in Helsinki.
Many years of expe­ri­ence and an exten­sive network.

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Dedi­cated busi­ness consul­tants, expe­ri­enced indu­stry experts and perfor­mance-driven teams

Are you looking for highly-quali­fied and afford­able busi­ness consul­tants or indu­stry experts in Helsinki?

COMATCH finds the right consul­tant for your project – quickly, smoothly and matched to your personal needs. COMATCH is the market­place which brings busi­ness consul­tants and free­lan­cers toge­ther with compa­nies large and small across all sectors in and around Helsinki for projects no matter how chal­len­ging. We aim to be the fastest at what we do through an effi­cient selec­tion process and a stream­lined orga­ni­sa­tional struc­ture with up to 70 percent savings compared to clas­sical busi­ness consul­tan­cies. When you come to us with your request we ensure that you receive quali­fied and matching profiles for your project within 48 hours.

COMATCH has more than 10 000 busi­ness consul­tants and experts – and the number conti­nues to rise

COMATCH’s network of consul­tants is defined by conti­nued growth and broad know-how in all busi­ness fields. Whether digital marke­ting or e-commerce, go-to-market stra­te­gies and pricing or distri­bu­tion and account manage­ment, the exper­tise of our consul­tants via COMATCH mean you have always got the right partner for your project. Our in-house scree­ning process focuses on expe­ri­ence and areas of exper­tise guaran­te­eing you the highest stan­dard of consul­tancy. We have a recom­men­da­tion rate of 95 percent – the numbers speak for them­selves!
COMATCH’s busi­ness consul­tants bring with them many years of prac­tical expe­ri­ence through busi­ness consul­tancy in Helsinki as well as top-end inter­na­tional consul­tancy firms covering a wide range of subjects – if you have a certain requi­re­ment just give us a call! There is no cost or obli­ga­tion.

A smooth process for customer and consul­tant alike

Are you based in or around Helsinki and are looking for an inde­pen­dent manage­ment consul­tant for your project? Perhaps you even need the assi­stance of a full project team? Or are you curr­ently employed full-time as a consul­tant in Helsinki and are thin­king about working inde­pendently in the future? Utilise our service and make the first step by regi­ste­ring yourself within a few minutes either online or by tele­phone. As the customer you simply complete the online project brief or contact one of our account mana­gers by tele­phone. Based on your project descrip­tion we will recom­mend two to three suitable busi­ness consul­tants in the Helsinki area. Your request is without obli­ga­tion and fees are applied only once agree­ments have been signed. Throughout the entire time of your and your freelancer’s colla­bo­ra­tion you can contact us with any questions right up until the project has been concluded. We conti­nu­ally work on impro­ving the quality of our work and service through regular feed­back. This allows us to keep and main­tain the highest stan­dards meaning we are able to guarantee for both ourselves and for our custo­mers a sustained and tangible company success.
We offer a range of bene­fits for manage­ment consul­tants in Helsinki who are curr­ently in perma­nent employ­ment and are consi­de­ring a future as an inde­pen­dent consul­tant. Use COMATCH as an option for projects which appeal to your areas of exper­tise. Become a member of the COMATCH commu­nity! If you have the right creden­tials it will not take long to join the consul­tant commu­nity. Simply sign up online and take advan­tage of a range of bene­fits: COMATCH not only assists you with finding custo­mers, it can also mean an increase to your salary for you as an inde­pen­dent consul­tant. On top of this we offer you complete freedom and flexi­bi­lity. You take on the projects which inte­rest you, work when and where you want and take control over your own progres­sion.