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COMATCH — your market­place for inde­pen­dent manage­ment consul­tants in Dubai
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Are you looking for a manage­ment consul­tant or indu­stry expert in Dubai and the surroun­ding area? COMATCH is the right partner for you.

Advan­tages for the client

We will find the ideal partner for your project using our exten­sive pool of expe­ri­enced inde­pen­dent consul­tants. You will benefit from an indi­vi­dua­lized and profes­sional coun­sel­ling service by us and our pool of more than 10 000 perso­nally-selected manage­ment consul­tants and experts. You can expect to save 30 to 70% in costs compared to tradi­tional consul­ting firms.
COMATCH is a bila­teral market­place connec­ting compa­nies of all sectors and sizes with inde­pen­dent manage­ment consul­tants for chal­len­ging projects in Dubai and the surroun­ding area. If you lack the exper­tise or resources to success­fully realize your project by yourself, we will find the right consul­tant to complete and support you and your team. Our consul­ting experts cover nume­rous possible project topics: stra­tegy, finance, orga­ni­sa­tion and IT as well as opera­tions, market analysis, marke­ting and sales.

Non-binding request

Due to our effi­cient selec­tion process and our lean orga­ni­sa­tional struc­tures you will have savings with regard to costs as well as time. With the aid of our pool of quali­fied consul­tants, you can start your project within 48 hours, if necessary. First, you fill in the project brie­fing online or call our account manager. Based on the infor­ma­tion provided by you, we will suggest two to three matching consul­tants working in Dubai. You can request profiles without any obli­ga­tion, costs only occur after signing the contract. During your coope­ra­tion with our consul­tant we are always avail­able for further enqui­ries. On a monthly basis and at the end of the project, we receive your feed­back regar­ding progress and results. Part of your feed­back will be included in the profile of the respon­sible consul­tant. This fosters trans­pa­rency and ensures that our work and service quality constantly stay at a high stan­dard and that the compa­nies of our clients enjoy perma­nent and substan­tial success.

Are you working as an inde­pen­dent consul­tant in Dubai and the surroun­ding area?

And are you inte­re­sted in working with COMATCH? To become a member in our commu­nity you can apply online for free. If you have the right quali­fi­ca­tions and expe­ri­ence, you will benefit from an attrac­tive income possi­bi­lity and an addi­tional acqui­si­tion option. You decide when and where you want to work. Due to our feed­back process, you get the oppor­tu­nity to conti­nuously improve your work.