COMATCH network of consul­tants

More than 5 000 inde­pen­dent consul­tants and experts:
COMATCH has the answers to all of your stra­tegic issues.

Consulting, Freelance Consultant, marketplace, business consultants, management consultants

A broad network of independent consultants

Are you looking for outstan­ding minds to support you in reali­zing an important project in your company?

COMATCH offers you an exten­sive network of advi­sors, consi­sting of more than 5 000 inde­pen­dent manage­ment consul­tants and indu­stry experts – and connects you to the right partner for your request. Our pool consists of 50% manage­ment consul­tants, 30% indu­stry experts and 20% finance experts distin­guished by several years of expe­ri­ence in an ambi­tious consul­ting and indu­stry envi­ron­ment and further assessed and selected by us. In the non-trans­pa­rent market of inde­pen­dent consul­ting, COMATCH not only creates clarity but also ensures quality: fewer than 50% of the free­lan­cers and the self-employed sending us an appli­ca­tion become part of our network of consul­tants. In doing so, we ensure that you receive the best and most reliable support and your company gets substan­ti­ally and perman­ently improved.

Exper­tise in nume­rous topics

Our inde­pen­dent consul­tants and experts cover nume­rous topics in which they supply you with exper­tise, offer you an inde­pen­dent opinion or opti­mise your ideas and get them ready for imple­men­ta­tion. Topics range from orga­ni­sa­tional and opera­tive tasks like change or supply chain manage­ment to marke­ting, sales and finance as well as the deve­lop­ment of stra­te­gies – e.g. for a planned market entry – and market analysis. Due to our admi­ni­stra­tive support the self-employed consul­tants working with us are able to focus comple­tely on your project. COMATCH takes care of contracts, invoices and payments – leaving more time for the deve­lop­ment and reali­sa­tion of your project.

Advan­tages for clients

Acces­sing our network of consul­tants not only opti­mises your effi­ci­ency: due to the lean orga­ni­sa­tional and process struc­ture of COMATCH – compared to a tradi­tional consul­ting firm – you save and use your avail­able budget more effec­tively. Another advan­tage is the short waiting time: due to our exten­sive assess­ment of our consul­tants prior to the first project, you can start your project within 48 hours, if necessary. Is there a project you want to realize in your company? Just send us a short brie­fing explai­ning your request online or call our account manager. We will suggest two to three inde­pen­dent consul­tants without obli­ga­tion. Costs are only incurred after signing the contract.

Are you an inde­pen­dent consul­tant?

And are you inte­re­sted in beco­ming a part of our network of consul­tants? Send us your appli­ca­tion and benefit from the advan­tages of a part­nership with COMATCH.

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