Our satis­fied clients

You are in good company when working with us

“Due to our posi­tive expe­ri­ence with COMATCH, I will defi­ni­tely recom­mend you to others.”

Ton Kraak
Dieseko Group

“Merely candi­dates matching my requi­re­ments were sugge­sted to me. I will gladly inquire your service for the next project.” 

Bernd Heller­mann
Mana­ging Director
G+J Paren­ting Media GmbH

“The consul­tant was very quali­fied. He fami­lia­rized himself quickly with the matter and was imme­dia­tely able to add value.”

Marco Roth­berg

“COMATCH was extre­mely coope­ra­tive and uncom­pli­cated in finding a consul­tant comple­tely matching our requi­re­ments. Due to his expe­ri­ence and exper­tise, the consul­tant made a posi­tive contri­bu­tion to our project.”

Marcel Merten
Head of SCM
Mikron Berlin GmbH

“Thanks to COMATCH, we can supple­ment our team at any time with top consul­tants of various levels quickly, fairly and reliably. The curated approach works: there is always a fitting candi­date, always at top perfor­mance. We could not have pitched or conducted some projects without COMATCH.”

Dr. Claudio Felten
Mana­ging Partner
cmx consul­ting by muuuh!

“COMATCH provides a quick and effi­cient process to find a fitting consul­tant for a project. The candi­date was able to begin project work within a few days and provided a great contri­bu­tion from day one.”

Dr. Maik Kleinschmidt
Tom Tailor Group