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Business Model Digitization

Use digital technologies to innovate existing business models

Digital Transformation

Transform business processes by leveraging digital technologies

Innovation Management

Develop a process to implement and manage new products, services, processes, or technology to forward innovation

IT Project Management

Determine objectives, establish milestones, and define success for your next IT project

IT Strategy Development

Create a roadmap to align business priorities and IT projects to develop an overview of how technology will support future goals

SAP Implementation

Plan, configure, and launch your enterprise resource planning system

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How to become digital

I help organizations become digital by changing the way they work, updating their product offering and helping them define a new digital strategy. In order to make this happen, companies should be data-driven, agile, and open to embracing a fail-fast mindset. The next step is to empower people. This goes beyond HR. It entails working in a more team-based structure, letting employees run projects, and giving them the resources they need to succeed. These are the very important preliminary steps to focus on when starting a digital journey. In essence, organizations need to build a new understanding of the needs of a digital world. This is where I come in—I help clients understand their place in a technology-driven world, and how to make the biggest impact.

Creating value during a digital transformation

A digital transformation must be evaluated based on its impact on the business model (value proposition, value creation, value capturing). Consider, for example, the advent of big data analytics such as machine learning algorithms. The value proposition shifts from high quality products (i.e. cars) to mobility and infotainment systems. This value creation will become even more dependent on networks and collaboration than it has been before because it is likely to include diverse organizations such as incumbents (suppliers as well as competitors), start-ups, research institutions, etc. The value capturing will be based on recurring rather than one-time revenue streams (e.g. pay-per-use schemes). I help companies address these changes as well as the structural, organizational and cultural forces that come along with a digital transformation.

The power of blockchain technology

Blockchain is a popular digital topic, but it’s also a very tricky one that cuts between different domains, from economics to computer science. I help clients separate the signal from the noise and focus on the technologies that help them solve their problem. Thinking about if blockchain might be the right solution should always start with the question, do we want to create a single truth without a single source? Shared audit trails are becoming an important tool to create integrity in global supply chains with many participants and can answer the questions, who did what, when, and where? Do we have outside confirmation? Can we trust that our merchandise was handled properly in a seaport half a world away long before the shipment reaches our warehouse? As an industrial engineer and economist, I can help my clients navigate this space, from first idea to a market-ready solution.

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