We want to reduce Thames Water’s consulting expenses by 34%

We are COMATCH, the leading marketplace for independent management consultants and industry experts.

Based on our track record of more than 4,000 successful projects, we believe that Thames Water can also benefit from the power of our network and on top of this save around 32k GBP annually.

COMATCH works with leading companies

Our consultants have worked at world-renowned firms


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Why COMATCH is the right partner for Thames Water

COMATCH is a marketplace for independent consultants to showcase themselves, giving you as a client the flexibility to choose the best project partner at the right price and experience level.

We believe that Thames Water will benefit by working with consultants from the COMATCH network in the following ways:

Highest quality: Our consultants and industry experts have all worked for top-tier companies (McKinsey, BCG, Rocket Internet, Siemens, etc.)

Collaborative approach: Independent consultants collaborate very closely with your internal project team, improving the quality and sustainability of the results

Flexible projects: We adjust our offer to your requirements, e.g. we support from 1-day workshops to long transformation projects

Thames Water can save around 32k GBP per year by working with high-calibre management consultants

We have taken a look at your publicly available data and combined it with our proprietary insights as well as data from the consultancy sourcing platform Apadua. The case below calculates from top to bottom, estimates your annual consulting expenses and assumes cost savings through collaborating on 10% of your projects with COMATCH in the future.

2021 Notes
A Revenue of Thames Water in k GBP 95,897 1
B Share of Consulting Expences in % 1.0% 2
C Consulting Expense in k GBP 959 A * B
D Target Share of Wallet by COMATCH in % 10% 3
E Consulting Expenses for COMATCH in k GBP 96 C * D
F Avg. Daily Rate of typical consultancy in GBP 1845 4
G Avg. Daily Rate of COMATCH in GBP 1225 5
H Daily Rate Savings with COMATCH in % -34% (G / F) - 1
= Annual Consulting Cost Delta in k GBP -32 E * H

1 Based on Annual Report 2021
2 Range of 0.7-1.5% based on research of 10 firms from DAX-40, MDAX-50, CAC-40
3 Assumption by COMATCH
4 Apadua Pricing Benchmark, 2020 (project manager)
5 COMATCH Pricing Tool, 2022 (project manager in DACH)


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