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Work with a Celonis consultant from the COMATCH network to analyze data from your organization’s enterprise information systems and identify bottlenecks to optimize processes and increase business value.

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See efficiency gains across your organization with Celonis

Boost process standardization

Compare the performance of your processes across departments, teams, regions and with industry-leading companies to apply best practices and boost process standardization.

Avoid process frictions

Celonis software will provide you with customizable dashboards to report on and track how frictions in your processes affect your business.

Cut costs

An AI-powered root cause analysis will help you understand process variations and areas that fail to conform to your reference process model, leading to optimization potential and cost-savings.

The benefits of the Celonis Process Assessment 

The Celonis Process Assessment will help you as a process owner to integrate data from your organization’s enterprise information systems and will provide you with valuable information on the daily performance of your processes. Organizations working with Celonis see the best value when applying it to processes that have been digitized.

To get the most out of the assessment, work with a Celonis consultant from the COMATCH network so you can realize the full power and potential of the software.

The Celonis Process Assessment can be conducted in 10 project weeks

Meet our Celonis experts

Uwe Hartmann

Consultant with 26 years of SAP experience, and 10 years of experience in Celonis Process Mining & ERP

Celonis, Process Mining, ERP, SAP

Former Employers


Benoit Mazzetti

Project manager with experience in process optimization, growth strategy, digital transformation & due diligence

Celonis, Digital Transformation, Process Optimization, Business Planning

Former Employers

Roland Berger, Alstom Transport

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