How to Set Up a Successful Team in 4 Hours

  • Jerome Schneider
  • December 03, 2020

Your employees have only one day to prepare for a project and they are an extremely heterogeneous and diverse group (in terms of culture and years of experience).

How can you set up a successful team in four hours? Jerome promises a direct improvement in the skills of every manager, a recommendation rate of more than 90% and highly positive customer feedback.

How to set up a successful team?

1. Focus on the hard skills (cognitive, affective, motor) of each team member. It is essential to realize that challenges can only be managed together.

2. Every team member should participate.

3. Each participant must take the lead to be evaluated first by the rest of the group, then by a professional mentor.

You can make use of the following example:

Memorize 30 images in 25 minutes and answer questions about them while putting up a tent at the same time (testing both cognitive and motor level abilities under enormous time pressure). As a result, each group member will be screened thoroughly.

This process leads to a direct improvement in the abilities of every manager and is a quick way for each member to get to know the other in a highly efficient way. Teams are built more quickly and professionally when experiencing something together than during casual get-to-togethers like a BBQ.

If you are able to execute the team building exercise well, you are likely to receive a 90% recommendation rate (or more) and very positive feedback from your attendees.

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