Alumni Spotlight: From Independent Consultant to Permanent Employee

  • Lisa Demmerle
  • May 19, 2021

Hartwig is a former independent consultant who is now working as the Investment Director of Active Capital Company, a private equity firm based in Amsterdam.

1. What was your experience like working with COMATCH as an independent consultant?
COMATCH is a great facilitator for starting to work as an independent consultant because they offer such a vast range of projects. My best moment was signing a contract to run a PMO of a major restructuring for a truck producer. The COMATCH team was super friendly, open, and helpful — and during the pandemic, I appreciated their great networking events.
2. What do you miss most about being self-employed?
As I found my dream job, honestly not much.
COMATCH quickly sent us a selection of strategy and organization consultant profiles perfectly suited to our project needs (1)
3. What did you learn as an independent consultant that helps you in your current position?
I have gained more self-confidence, learned what it means to be responsible for my own success, and gained a better understanding of how big my personal impact could be compared to when I was part of a large consultant team.
4. What do you like most about your permanent position?
I love the responsibility, accountability, and entrepreneurial opportunities my current position gives me. I am able to work on a variety of topics such as finding new investment opportunities, negotiating contracts, and collaborating with a fantastic team which means a lot to me.
5. What are you passionate about?
Being with my kids, sailing, cars.

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