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After winning in 2019, 2020, and 2021, COMATCH was again presented with the Brand Eins Best Consultant ranking for the 4th time in a row in 2022.

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A note from our founders

Not only does this award recognize the hard work and dedication of each of our COMATCHies, but also demonstrates the growing power of flexible working models.

Dr. Christoph Hardt

COMATCH Co-Founder and Managing Director

We feel honored that COMATCH has been recognized as a top consulting marketplace for the fourth year in a row. We look forward to continuing to build strong relationships with both our consultants and clients, as well as rethinking the future of work.

Dr. Jan Schächtele

COMATCH Co-Founder and Managing Director

Germany’s Top Consulting Award

The consulting market can seem difficult to navigate. However, understanding what rankings to look at can help you choose the best consultants for your next project. Since 2014, the Best Consultant ranking has been a guide in the German market to help clients choose the right consulting partner. The award is based on a detailed survey of consultants and clients to determine the best consulting firms and marketplaces.

Who awards the prize?

The Best Consultant survey is conducted every year by the business magazine Brand Eins and the market research company Statista. The results are then published in Brand Eins magazine at the beginning of each year.

What categories are there?

Partners and project managers of consultancies, as well as senior executives from companies, can make recommendations for a total of 16 industries and 18 functions.

These range from the traditional insurance industry to new sectors such as Internet & E-Commerce to industries undergoing radical change like automotive engineering. The areas of work also range from traditional strategy consulting and interim management to trending topics such as digitalization and IT implementation.

For the past four years, consultant networks have also been considered on a separate list. A consultant network is an online referral platform that connects companies with highly qualified consultants from different fields of expertise.

A detailed list of industries and functions included in the survey can be found here.

How are the best consulting companies selected?

The methodology behind the Best Consultants award is considered one of the toughest among German business awards. To obtain meaningful results, Brand Eins and Statista survey various stakeholders in the consulting world.

In the first step, representatives of the industry are surveyed about their peers. In the second step, representatives of companies are asked about each industry and field of work via an online survey. This portion functions as the client assessment.

For last year’s ranking, a total of around 8,000 partners and principals of management consultancies were contacted and invited to participate in the survey. A total of about 2,000 consultants completed the questionnaire. In addition, approximately 1,300 senior executives from companies of all sizes and 200 senior executives from listed companies in Germany were asked to rate their experience.

What does COMATCH’s award of 3 points mean?

Out of around 20,000 consulting firms in Germany, COMATCH was once again among the select group of best consultant marketplaces. In the Consultant Networks category, we have now been awarded the highest rating of 3 points for the fourth time. This honor makes us particularly proud and was made possible by many ideas and the hard work of our 140 colleagues. A big thank you also goes to our consultant network of over 15,000 best-in-class experts and our dedicated clients. We enjoy working in this exciting industry and look forward to the years ahead.

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