We built a global marketplace that connects companies with the most qualified independent experts.

Fast Facts

3 offices

130+ employees

3 office dogs

Our Story

COMATCH is a curated marketplace for independent consultants and industry experts. Our mission is to reinvent the way organizations assemble the best expertise by combining innovative technology with personal service. 

The company was founded in 2014 by former McKinsey consultants Christoph Hardt and Jan Schächtele.

After eight years in consulting, they decided that the time had come to venture into something new. The idea for COMATCH came when the two tried to work temporarily as independent consultants but realized that there wasn’t a platform designed to fit their needs.

Christoph and Jan soon discovered that many consultants were facing the same problem. Additionally, companies rarely thought of independents when seeking to hire a consultant, despite their specialized skill-set and competitive pricing. 

COMATCH was built as a solution to this problem. Today, it is the leading online marketplace for independent consultants in Europe—matching the world’s top professionals with organizations of all sizes and focus areas.

Management Board

Dr. Christoph Hardt

Co-Founder and
Managing Director


Dr. Jan Schächtele

Co-Founder and
Managing Director

Our values

Create an unrivaled and fun working environment for highly motivated people

  • Find a good balance between hard work and free-time 
  • Develop one another through apprenticeship, mentoring and honest feedback
  • Be nonhierarchical and live the obligation to dissent
  • Embrace diversity among our colleagues, suppliers, and clients

Provide the best possible service for our clients and consultants

  • Behave 100% professionally
  • Take on responsibility and be confident in decision making
  • Continuously improve ourselves and implement standards wherever possible
  • Base decision on facts, not feelings

Behave sustainably and responsibly

  • Reduce our environmental impact to a minimum
  • Minimize expenses where possible

COMATCH Social Initiatives

Freunde Alter Menschen

Freunde Alter Menschen

We work closely with Freunde Alter Menschen to support the elderly.

Social projects

Funding social projects

COMATCH funded a project team with to facilitate donations to social projects.


Green Initiative

We launched the Green Initiative Team to promote sustainable business practices at COMATCH, i.e. encouraging employees to produce less waste and minimizing the company’s carbon footprint as much as possible.

LFCA logo

Reduce CO₂ emissions

COMATCH is a leader for climate action. This means that we are aware of our company’s impact on the environment, and have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint by working closely with organizations like atmosfair.

Refugee Support

Refugee support

We partnered with BeginnerLuft to support migrants and refugees in their search for a career in Germany.

Solidarity Initiative

Solidarity Initiative

We offer free consulting services to NGOs and social impact organizations that need additional support after COVID-19.

Meet the COMATCH team



We built an innovative platform that fuels the project matching process at COMATCH — our goal is to continuously improve user experience and to bridge the gap between humans and technology.

Business Development

We help clients accelerate and transform their businesses by connecting them with our vetted independent consultants and experts.

Sales Central

Sales Central

We are a cross-border team acting as initial points of contact for clients and have full responsibility for outbound sales planning & execution and the qualification of inbound leads.

Consultant Relations

Consultant Relations

We are the voice of consultants and provide personalized support to help them succeed as independent consultants.

Talent Management/HR

Talent Management/HR

We are your tour guides throughout your COMATCH journey. We make sure that you have ample development opportunities and a great work environment so that everyone can perform at their best.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications

We are the voice of COMATCH, defining the brand, positioning, and online presence of the company while also generating leads for the Sales team.

Business Intelligence/Strategy

We drive data collection at COMATCH and iteratively test out innovative ideas on clients and consultants.

Finance & Admin

Finance & Admin

We forward IT tools and administrative processes at COMATCH to ensure a smooth working environment for our colleagues.

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